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Ladies and Gentlemen... I present to you... our January gig poster!

The amazing Hailey Calvert will be joining us for the show at Irish Murphy's Brisbane on Sunday the 29th so if you have been meaning to catch a Brisbane City Lyrical show... come to that one!
ALSO!!! - We will be filming part of our official video for the album version of "Fuck It All" at the Pacific Hotel, Yamba show on Saturday the 21st, so come and be a part of that if you are out and about!!




Summer is well and truly here... so we thought it was time to make our hoodies HALF PRICE!!

They will be available at all our shows and from right here in our online shop for only $25!

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(Inc. Postage)

Please write desired size 

in "Note to seller" section 




Our second single from the upcoming album is now available on iTunes and Spotify!


"Help Them Pray" actually nearly didn't make the cut. It was one that just clung on for dear life in the recording process and we all grew to love it in the studio.

I had a day off and my manager called and said: "Take time in the day to write a new song!
After giving him the, "I-can't-just-turn-it-on-whenever" speech, I sat down to try to prove my point and attempted to write. I ended up finishing the whole thing that afternoon... effectively proving myself dead wrong.

Music is a funny beast... haha

This is one of the 14 brand new songs we have recorded over the past year with our amazing producer, Govinda Doyle, in his giant, water-tank converted studio. We will continue releasing these babies in the coming months with more exciting events in the pipeline!!

"Help them Pray"


"Old Revolver (ft. Sahara Beck)"


Our first single from the upcoming album is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

Old Revolver is something a little different for us... with Sahara Beck joining me on vocals and Clint James Dove rockin it on electric guitar, we had a lot of fun doing something big and new. I guess you could call it a rock/country/hiphop mashup? haha! The rest of the album will have so many more surprises and I can't wait to share them...

I can't thank you all enough for your amazing support during this epic, creative process! I hope you enjoy the new track as much as we enjoyed making it! 

"Old Revolver (ft. Sahara Beck)"



The Lyrical - New Album | "Remember The Roots" | Coming Soon! I can't even express how excited I am for this!! The new album is being recorded by the legendary, Govinda Doyle in his epic water

tank-converted studio, and will be out later this year!I have also been blessed, by some amazing higher power of sorts, to work with these incredible talents and can't wait to show you what we've come up with!


Leon Mobley | Govinda Doyle | Sahara Beck

Jac Stone | Karl S. Williams | Clint James Dove 

Genghis TuaN | Glenn Smith | Solomon Kwatea


Thanks so much guys! Let's turn some heads!




I can not possibly state how completely honoured I am to be able to join the likes of some of my most influential and respected musicians - as an official Cole Clark Artist.

Not only that, but watching them play their own Cole Clarks, inspired me, of course, to get one of my own so many years ago and begin the incredible dream journey I am on right now. I fell in love with the sound and feel of these guitars, and have never turned back. So to say, becoming part of their team is a dream come true, is an epic understatement!

Thanks so much Cole Clark Guitars for helping me become the artist I am today... and I look forward to so many more adventures in the future!!




I am completely humbled by the amazing support and generosity of our awesome fans! Vanuatu is my birthplace,

and home to a lot of my family, and so, it was with a heavy heart that I heard about the devastating, category 5, Cyclone Pam that hit them just months ago.

We heard about Give to Vanuatu and so we decided to donate 100% of a month's worth of CD sales.
Together, with all of your help and support, we have managed to raise $1,140 to send to the people of Vanuatu!
So, thank you again so much for helping us support these people in a time of great need. You guys are all amazing!!!


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