After popular demand, we have finally decided to put up the official lyrics to all our released music.

Look out for the update with the new album later this year... enjoy :)


Rule The World


I wanted this verse to hit, like it hits me

To think how we let the world hit shit’s creek

Lennon Jr. summed it up well with salt water

Louie Armstrong was right too but just sorta

The world was wonderful, was being the word

So many of these spoken and yet, so little heard

Tree-huggers and Green Peace, you tried to fight

Now the world’s fucked up 'cause the hippies were right!

You hear this, you sit back and you think, “Wow!

But there’s nothing I can do about it now” Okay

The problem is everybody thinks the same way

And hence, the position that we’re in today

Environmentally and mentally the world’s the same

Flooding only in parts that doesn’t need the rain

World War 1, war 2 and now, the war on terror

Been so many years and we're still blind to error

What? The World’s fucked up, so lets fuck it up more?

I bet, now you wish, that they voted Al Gore

One question remains each time your heart pours

What would you do if the world was yours…?



Well if I ruled the world would you know I ruled the world?

And if you ruled the world would there even be a world?


Many say actions out weigh the words

But we can’t make actions if words aren’t heard

It takes one buffalo to start the herd

A whole damn flock was a single bird

A single drop to start the great ripple

But even SUPERMAN was made a cripple

But we’re like the fork and the words a toaster

They say life is a roller coaster

More like a roller coaster with no seat belt

A paradise beach without the sea shells

A birthday cake without the candles

Jesus... without the sandals

Just something missing that should be there

And the whole damn world chooses not to care

Like Christmas Eve without the day after

Listen to the people not just your own laughter…




I try telling the world what I’m already feeling

Scum breathing out smoke you’re ready to breath in

Like a baby teething wanna bite down

Discarding anybody telling you ta pipe down

What the world needs is an all round healing

Murdering, corruption, raping, stealing

Racist people, drug dealing

People gotta stand strong and nobody kneeling’



Well if I Ruled the world.

What would I do if I ruled the world?

I’d take your map, erase the lines

That’s what I’d do, if the world was mine




Girl I'm hurtin, hurtin - lemme tell you this

From my heart to my soul - to my fingertips


Straight up, it's ridiculous I try be inconspicuous

Even though these problems always adamant to stick with us

Sick of this, stick with this,

Somebody help, cause I'm about to drown

I'm feelin lost, some of us feelin the cost

But going round and round

I came into this hoping to miss the problems I would face

Feelin the bliss of every kiss, thought I was in the place

But, as everybody knows, sometimes it tends to go

A little bit like the withering life of unattended roses

Tell me that love is really above a friendship set on fire

I don't wanna lie but reckon the guy was really just a liar

Cause friendship and love they're totally different things

One always burns making you yearn seemingly giving you wings

The other one lasts a little bit longer

but never be makin you sing

Ever be wondering, randomly pondering "Will this ever last?"

Thoughts are overrated throw them out and have a blast




Yeah yeah X4


(Hailey Calvert)

When I see you... I fall down

When I hear you... there is so sound

But my heart beating in my chest

Yeah my heart beating in my chest


When I see you... I fall down

When I hear you... there is so sound

But my heart beating in my chest

Yeah my heart beating in my chest


I can feel your heart beating in my chest X4


Hold me and whisper into my ear

You love me and want me to stay with you here

Then look into my eyes and listen to me say

Baby girl I feel exactly the same way

So go my way baby, follow me to paradise

Hold on to me doesn't take long to realise

All I need is you believe this is true

Talking to you that is all I'd ever say and do

And I think of only you in every single thing I do

All I ever wanna do is be with you

Some call it obsession some call it greed

I call it happiness cause you're all I need




Yeah yeah X4

I can feel your heart beating in my chest...




I Believe In Hip-hop



I believe in life – I believe in love

I believe in fate somewhere up above

I believe in change – I believe in a lot

But mostly… I believe in hip-hop


I believe in hip-hop for the culture that it brings

And I believe in roots, from the soul to the strings

I believe that reggae music brings the people in

I believe that everybody has the right to sing

To me the very soul of hip-hop's gotta be the rap

And to rap is also to express and I believe in that

Gotta believe me – fully completely - whole heart and soul

Hip-hop is the greatest story that’s ever been told, YES


(Chorus) X2


I believe in this; the life they call "The Game"

And I believe so many others feel the same

I believe that, this all came to, help the pain

And I believe that's why they say, "I bring the rain"

I got skills they’re multiplying and I'm losing control

Still my power you're supplying

And I never loose control when I’m flying

Implying hip-hop is dead is a great risk

Words are indestructible you can’t break this!

Forget the formula to great hits

Regarding all the grills and the fake tits

I'm reaching for stars like a space ship

I can’t WAIT to be king, haters: take this!


(Chorus) X2


I believe with all my heart the spoken word

can change the world

And I believe that when my number’s up

and I can ask the lord

How the poor can stand a chance

without the guns without the swords

And God will say they’re strong because

the words are all they can afford


(Chorus) X3

If I Was Earth


If I was Earth... I'd cry

If I was Earth, I would cry every night X4


If I was Earth I would cry every night – try as I might

Let the tears cleanse man-kind to new heights

If I was darkness I would make friends with light

I’d back down and give society sight, das right!

If I was sin, I’d take a holiday and never come back

I’d learn to smile, buy something yellow, and stop wearing black

If I was murder I’d return the lives I had taken

Touch them and tell them - sorry I was mistaken

If I was murder I’d stop dead in my tracks

Beg for forgiveness and give it all back

If I was cancer I think I’d change my name to gifted

So I could smile instead of frown at all the spirits I lifted

I’d give children life, I’d never take it away

Give them a chance to grow and do things their way

But I am none of these things – I’m just a man – like you

But as the Earth I would do - all the Earth could do



If I was Earth, I would cry every night


If I was Money I would take myself outside and hide it

So the world could just finally stop being divided

Or I would grow in the crops but only African earth

So their people could eat and finally quench their thirst

If I was alcohol I’d sober up and realize I’m useless

Fake confidence and violence – man doesn’t need to use this

If I was religion I’d convert to “choice”

Thou shalt believe in thou heart and not one voice

Thou shalt open thou eyes and learn from life’s lessons

Let the earth be your teacher and family provide the blessings

If I was doubt I would run to every ear in the world

And whisper “you can do to it” don’t be scared of the world

If I was war I would trade all havoc for peace

I’d use the power I had gained to set the whole world free

But all dreams aside I still don’t feel right

Cause I know that my earth... She cries every night








Its 3am, it’s getting late and still your people, they populate

They watch the war as it escalates but no not me I

I meditate…



Your propaganda won’t work here X3

Cause I see clear x 4


People don’t listen so people don’t speak

People don’t speak so the world goes weak

The world gets weak so peeps fake power

Livin in a house think they livin in a tower
Livin in a tower own the city

Own one island own the pacific

Great terrific, what you gonna do now?

Stand up tall hopin for the world to bow?

Tryin’a talk to the world – But they don’t hear
So many claimin they got no fear

They grown up men they don’t shed tears

But I guess no sorrow means no cheers

One tries to speak but no body listens

The young hearts crumbles after it glistens

So many innocent futures fallin and twistin

Who gives a fuck if you're not Muslim of Christian?




Nobody expected rap from a roots musician

Thats cause no one steps back from their rooted position

Intuition be damned, the comfort zone's what you seek

Ask a wise man, and listen as he doesn't speak

You gotta listen as he doesn't speak




The Love (ft. Hailey Cavlert)


I’ve had bottles thrown at me,

death threats and all things

Money stolen from me and I’ll bet you call this easy

The world will taunt and tease me

Give them my heart and soul

and THAT’S where they leave me?

Hatred, doubts, I’ve heard it all believe me!

Get a real job, play something good for once

Wear a suit and a tie, like you should for once

What about you stop judging if you could for once?!

I never backed down from where I stood – NOT ONCE!

Literally shed blood and cried countless tears for this

I’ve worked so many god dammed YEARS for this!

Screamed to reach so may ears for this

So cheers for this! The chance top be heard!

So many say: to keep pushing’s absurd

Like what would bring a man to give his all to this?

MUSIC! It’s Life! I’ll never alter this!


(Chorus) Hailey Calvert
Cause I'mma be back here, night after night

cause I got the love that keeps me goin'

And if you think that I'm wrong, it's alright cause

I got the, I got the - I got the love, I got the love



It keeps bringin me back X3

Me back


Reachin out to peeps from the streets to the stage

Random acts of kindness to extreme fits of rage

Busking to performing to releasing an EP

I never wanna change how the people receive me

Love for the musical word is ma pleasure

Some tried to take that away but whatever!

I’m still here fightin still tearin the mic UP

Still standing back stage preparin to psych up

It seems the worse things get the harder you try

The more disrespect the higher you fly

It seems the more they forget the more you remember

It seems the more they reject the more you deliver

But when they listen… it’s like being touched by God

You worked so hard and you finally getting it all back

Gonna take more than haters to silence this cat

Solo on the track, Hailey, tell 'em what’s bringin me back


(Hailey Calvert)

It's been a long time since I first put

tunes to my words, beats to my rhymes

But I got the time and the place

I got the words and the ways

To keep it all moving








I will never know how you hold it all together

Just a lost little boy that's lost the will to do

I hope you see the clouds and I hope that you remember

Even the sky cries too



When there's no one left and you're most in need

Please know... daddy, you've got me


There's nothing in this world I feel I've learned without you

All the things I think is cause you taught me how

I'm the man I am cause I learned all about you

If it weren't for my dad where would I be now?




I think a lot of what you said when I used to kry

The world can take my things away

but it can't touch my dreams

So when I step out in the world I hold my head up high

Cause my daddy told me the world belongs to me








Play Like Me


Hello world and welcome to me

And my freedom of creative captivity

I been told, what I don’t know will stop me to grow

That I should drop what I’m doin’ and cancel the show

I can’t read music some find this offensive

Not my fault your musical theory was expensive

Let them be who they will my lessons are free

So like Nas said: Imma be who I wanna be



I love that my car, it looks – Just like me

And I love when I sing, I sing – Just like me

I love when I speak, I speak – Just like me

Cause all I wanna do is touch the world


I love when I sing, I sing – Just like me

And I love when I write, I write – Just like me

I love when I play, I play – Just like me

Cause all I wanna do is touch the world (X3)


So, I got something to say and sorry I gotta break it to ya

I’m actuallualy real proud it looks like I fake it to ya

Don’t need to rock n’ Roll, I stop to rock steady

Don’t need to drive a Porsche, don’t need to drive a Chevy

Let my soul do the talking the crowd can read me

It feels better than most theory believe me

Music is freedom so just stop for a moment

Close your eyes, find magic, and hold it




If we all could just stop - and just be for a minute

And your body and soul - set em’ free for a minute

Forget about doubts - just breathe for a minute

Ladies and gentlemen - you were me for a minute

It’s not what you know, it’s what you take in

It’s about truth in the path you’re makin

It’s about what you give to the souls you’re shakin’

With all that how is there even time for hatin’?